Nina Lim

About Our Services

Nina Lim is the ONLY Executive Success Coach and Law Firm Consultant who utilizes laws of the Universe and guides you through pathways to expanding your consciousness.

Nina knows how to guide you to be the lawyer you have always dreamt of being. If you are ready to be unapologetic for always vibe-ing high, living an amazing lifestyle, and creating and maintaining a BADASS practice, then she is here for YOU.

Nina’s distinctive coaching programs start with a focus on the awesome-you turned lawyer, turned business leader – your big dreams, bold vision, personal and business goals. She provides you with the focus, the tools, the support and accountability to turn your personal and entrepreneurial dreams into reality. At your request, after assessing your workplace and employees (lawyer and non-lawyer staff), Nina will go beyond YOU and go inside your workplace to assist in forming a culture that works with resilient and high-vibe-ing employees who she can supercharge to do optimal work to aid in putting your vision into fruition.

Over and beyond these wonderful programs, Nina, is an expert as well in managing your law firm and training key employees on intake, customer service, sales and all-around good business practices and turns your firm into the law firm you have always envisioned it to be– “the” law firm on steroids.

Have you tried hiring, training and working with employees for specialized work in your office?

Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of law practitioners who are disappointed with the difficult processes involved?

Your desires are now on the verge of manifesting. Call us now and see how we can do ALL these processes FOR YOU. No other consultant will do everyone else’s work for you. They help you find and hire, but no other group is as trained, ready and as successful in what they do as my TEAM is.

No need to stress over things that are not in your job description. Lawyers make the big bucks by being lawyers. You cannot answer the phones and respond to your emails yourself; we will do it for you and we do it with so much pride it exudes in our work. We are the best thing that could happen to any sole practitioner, start-up practice or small law firm.

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